How-to improve golf swing

Add amazing distance to every drive and cut your handicap by up to twelve strokes with the only instruction system proven to help almost any golfer break 80.

Dear Friend and Fellow Golfer,

Simple Golf Swing eBookCan you handle the truth?

Most club pros don’t think so. And certainly none of the other golf instruction sites will tell you what I’m about to.


You’ll never develop a swing like Tiger’s. Or for that matter, Mickelson’s, Els’s, Daly’s or Garcia’s.

To be brutally frank, no matter how hard you try or how often you practice, odds are you’ll NEVER be able to swing the club like the top tour pros.

Why? Because, like most of us, you weren’t born with their physical ability.

Besides, each of the big-money pros has a swing that’s unique to his (or her) physique. It’s hardwired into the DNA. That’s how they got to be big-money pros.

Does that mean you’ll never play better than you play right now? That you’re doomed to be a duffer? The butt of countless jokes from your buddies? A study in frustration?

No! Nein! Nyet! Non!! No way!

Because there’s another, more important truth.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t copy Tiger.

Or any of the top tour pros. You don’t have to even try. You shouldn’t try.


Because I’m going to help you develop a swing guaranteed to help you Play better golf than you ever thought possible in two short weeks or I’ll send your money back.

Actually, it’s more than a swing. It’s a whole System. But don’t let that scare you. It’s very simple. That’s the beauty of it. And why I call it

The Simple Golf Swing Systemâ„¢

I created it specifically for the average (and below average) golfer who wants to

Get better. Fast.

How much better? With the Simple Golf Swing System

  • You’ll hit the ball straighter and further than you ever hit before.
  • You’ll hit with greater distance and accuracy every time.
  • You’ll hit more greens and get the ball consistently close to the pin.
  • You’ll wonder what ever happened to that awful slice you used to have.
  • You’ll gain a new outlook on golf with greater confidence in your game. Because you’re armed with a proven system that actually works!

How fast? I’m glad you asked.

  • You’ll learn the Simple Golf Swing in just three hours.
  • You’ll lower your score by at least seven strokes within the first two rounds.
  • You’ll start playing the best golf of your life by week two.
  • You’ll drop at least 12 strokes off your handicap at the end of two weeks.
  • You’ll be a different golfer in a month. That old bogey plus golfer that was you will be totally transformed. Just imagine the look on the faces of your golfing buddies.

You see, my goal is to have break 80 within 60 days. No matter what you’re shooting now.

Impossible? Not by a long shot.

In fact, it’s been proven time and time again that

With the Simple Golf Swing System almost any golfer can break 80 regardless of physical ability.

Now I realize there’s a lot of hype on the Internet and I don’t blame you for being a little skeptical.

So don’t take my word. Take a look at this recent email.

“The Improvement was Significant”

Listen to Fred!

David,I purchased your book about a month ago. What a difference it has made in my swing and my game. The improvement was significant.

Where were you years ago? I highly recommend your book on a Simple Swing to anyone that has difficulty hitting the ball straight.

Thank you it truly improved my game.


“Handicap Dropped from a 14 to a 10”

David, I was about a 14 handicap last year – I just wanted to let you know that I tried the Heard Super Swing about 10 years ago – then went to NG – in fact I coaxed Tim and Todd Graves to come to Cleveland to do a clinic…Anyway – I never REALLY felt confident and comfortable with the swing – so I started poking around on the net this past January and I went to your site. Bought the DVD, read the manual – started messing around with it in Feb. – I went to visit my Dad in Winter Haven and played about 8 rounds – but the BIGGEST mistake I was making was NOT using the shoulders.

Once I came back up here to Cleveland, Ohio and started actually using my shoulders – It has been truly wonderful – I need to work on lining up properly (it seems I’m always hitting to the right side of the green even though I swear I’m positioned to far to the left), but my God – I swear I have picked up and easy 10+ yards – with NG my wedge was maybe 105 tops – now if I’m anywhere between 80 – 100 yards I use my SW…So kudos to you! I wish you much success with this method!!! Thanks! – Now I’m 10 handicap – 4 strokes is a lot!!!

Happy in Cleveland! Scott Hughes

3 Wood Before-160yds / After-220Yds”

Listen to Fred!
Date: 8-14-2006
Name: Aaron Widener
Location: Marina, California, United StatesHi David,

When I first incorporated this swing into hitting a real golf ball at the range, I was overwhelmed with joy! It took a few swings to get myself hitting just right, but I was almost doubling my distance (it seemed that way to me!). Here is an example of what I was doing, and what I’m doing now, the first approximate distance is before, the second is now with this new swing and setup:
It is unbelievable how well I’m hitting it now, and hitting it straight! Sure there are some messy ones, but not near as bad. I’m giving this new swing and setup my best shot and commitment because I really believe in it now, I can’t wait until I’m really comfortable with it. I believe if I get consistent with this, I will be hitting low 80’s and maybe even breaking 80 by the end of the year! That’s how confident I feel with what I’ve learned from you.

I want to thank you for writing that book. Thanks again! You can use this testimony if you want.

Aaron Widener

” In 1 Week- I Dropped 10 Strokes”


Good morning. I just wanted to write and let you know how successful your “Simple Golf Swing” method is as it applies to my game. This is no lie, in one week I dropped 10 strokes off of my game. “10 STROKES”. I know that some may not believe me but this is the honest truth. The usual foursome I play with every weekend could not believe the improvement in one weeks time. Now it did take some time at the driving range, roughly 100 balls hit, but that was it. I know I have a ways to go to get to the level of play I would like, I am currently an 11 handicap.

I do have a bit of a dilemma though, my group was so impressed with my accuracy as well as my distance off the tee that I feel like taking all of the credit for this and yes, I did take all of the credit. Wrong of me I know and I believe this weekend I will spill the beans and give the credit were credit is deserved. Anyway, thank you so much for your knowledge and willingness to share it with others. I could not have done it without you.


Dale M. Morvaji

So maybe you’re wondering…

Just what is this “Simple Golf Swing System”?
And how can it help my game?

Good questions. But before I try and answer them, maybe I should introduce myself.

My name is David Nevogt and I’m a golf writer and a golfer. Maybe you’ve read some of my books about the sport.

I guess you’d say I’ve gotten pretty good at both golf and writing about it. I shoot in the low 70’s easily every time out. And several thousand people have bought and read my books.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch a lot of top pros close up and to talk to them about the game. It was enough to convince me these guys have so much natural ability that it would be almost impossible for the average golfer to duplicate their techniques.

I’ve also found the same thing to be true with most teaching pros.

It seems they either try to impose their techniques on their students (who lack their ability) or else they recognize this lack of ability and dumb down lessons.

In other words, they don’t even try to teach the difficult stuff because the don’t think their students can ever learn it.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against teaching pros.

But I have seen a lot of golfers struggling because of the kind of instruction available to them. And I decided to do something about it.

So I devoted a year to developing

A bullet-proof swing that any golfer – regardless of ability
– can learn quickly and easily.

The result: The Simple Golf Swing System. I put it all in a book that breaks it down into five simple steps every golfer can master in practically no time at all. And practically painlessly. (That “no pain, no gain” stuff has no place in my System.)

What makes the System work so well is that you don’t have to master all of it all at once. You get one part down and move on to the next. And in a much shorter time than you’d imagine.

In fact, you can

Learn the whole system in about three hours.
And two weeks later, you’ll be playing killer golf.

That’s not just a promise.I guarantee it!

Speaking of promises, a few paragraphs ago, I said I’d tell you

How the System Works.

In short, it’s all about putting some backbone into your game.

That means using your spine as an axis to keep you on the correct swing plane.

The System works to keep all your swings consistent. And a consistent, correct swing is the secret to lowering your score.

I’ll also teach you the proper grip so you can add distance to every shot. I’ll help you with your timing and club face alignment until the ball is flying straight as a laser beam every time you hit.

And that means you can say so long to your slice for good. As well as to some other bad habits that kept your ball off the greens.

I’ll do it all with a step-by-step guide with easy-to-follow instructions and detailed photos.

Remember, I created the System for the bogey golfer. I made it easy enough for any golfer anywhere to use and improve. In short, the System works! After all


Nine out of ten golfers say the System worked for them.

Here’s what some of them said:

“15 Strokes Better than Normal”

Listen to Gary!
Date: 9-27-2006
Name: Gary Zasada
Location: White Bear Lake, MN, United States1: How did the simple golf swing help you?

A: It is simple enough that I can understand it, duplicate it and fix it when it starts to go wrong.

2: How many strokes did you drop?

A: Consistently, at least 6, but I had a couple really good rounds where I was about 15 strokes better than normal.

3: What happened that you didn’t expect?

A: That it actually worked for more than a few shots or for the day. It worked week after week.

4: Why should others try this?

A: Because it might save them years of frustration and the wasting of any more money trying to find something to help their game. The cost is nothing compared to a tank of fuel or even a round of golf and you get a money back guarantee—-you can’t lose.

“Confident Increased Immediatly”

Date: 9-21-2006
Name: Rick Sindorff
Location: Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

1: How did the simple golf swing help you?

A: My scores, consistency and confidence increased immediately. I understood the concepts as they were SIMPLE. The very first time I used the swing, I had two consistent nine holes. The second time I used the swing, I won my B grade monthly medal, again with two consistent nine holes. My confidence is sky high as I have not fully utilised the swing nor practised it to any great degree.

2: How many strokes did you drop?

A: I dropped two strokes on my handicap! And I have the confidence to lower my handicap further.

3: What happened that you didn’t expect?

A: The speed of my improvement!

4: Why should others try this?

A: Because it really is a simple swing that promotes consistency and confidence.

“Dropped 5 Strokes in 2 Months”

Date: 9-9-2006
Name: Willem Faber
Location: Kimberley, South Africa1: How did the simple golf swing help you?

Simplified the whole swing. The Simple Golf swing is very simple to apply and doesn’t have to many technical principals to remember at the same time.

2: How many strokes did you drop?

My Scores dropped at least five shots in two months, but the best part is that my confidence picked up a lot and because of positive results.

3: What happened that you didn’t expect?

I used to think about to many different things at once. Pro’s told me that I dropped my rear shoulder, and it was a complicated fix. I did not think that such simple principals could have such a positive impact on my game.

4: Why should others try this?

If you seem to stand still on the same scores without improving, while getting advice from all different coaches with their ways.YOU MUST TRY THE SIMPLE GOLF SWING !!!

It is easy to understand and you get results. You will still have bad days on the course, but just remember to go back to the Basics of the Simple Golf Swing. I took a permanent marker and wrote the abbreviation SGS on the top of my following hand to be reminded of the basic address and swing principals during each shot.

Actually, I’m not being totally honest about how well the System works. It’s more than nine out of ten. Fact is, the System has an oustanding

95% Success Rate.

Here are a few of these golfers who went from so-so to Holy Cow!!

“On the Fairway Nearly 100% of the Time”

Listen to Steve!

Date: 8-25-2006
Name: Steve Gerard
Location: Stamford, CT, United States

Dear David,

It has been a month now that I have been trying to break my old habits and use the Simple Swing. I am finally getting closer to that objective and I am most impressed. First, I spend half the physical energy than I did with a full swing. Second, I am now getting the same or better distance, at least with my irons, mostly because I seem to hit the sweet spot much more often. Third, I am on the fairways nearly 100% of the time.

At 70 years old, there is no question that this swing will make me a better player than 20 years ago. My biggest problem yet is breaking my wrists and too often going to a 3/4 swing. Once I break that habit I believe I can get my swing speed higher and gain some distance without losing accuracy simply be keeping the “delta” with my arms and using my boy more in unison with the downstroke.

In summary, I am most impressed and consider the $40 or so spent as the best investment I have ever made.

Best regards,
Steve Gerard

“This is golf as it is meant to be Played

Listen to Alan!

David,I purchased your book online a few months ago. I haven’t taken the time to read the information until this past weekend. Having only read the information and not practicing any of your methodology I decided to put it all to the test, “cold turkey” if you will, yesterday.

I am a nine handicap and play only about once a week. My biggest disappointment with my golf game is my inconsistency. Well, I teed it up yesterday after devouring your book and making mental notes. Needless to say my very first tee-shot was a little on the rough side, not bad by any means just not what I was accustom too. Second shot was to 10 feet from the pin and I am putting for a birdie. I made par and could not have been more pleased. I proceeded to make 14 pars yesterday and 4 bogeys on my way to, for me, a stellar 76…even with one penalty stroke.

This is with NO PRACTICE Dave and just pure desire to implement your methods. I had to fight-off some old bad-habits during the round but I have no doubt that I have embarked on a golf swing that I can simply and easily repeat over and over and over. My golfing partners were already counting their winnings when I told them what I was about to do. Needless to say my winnings managed to pay for the cost of your book and more. It all seemed a bit odd at first but I did manage to trust my swing and your methods and the results were terrific. I know my confidence will soar as I begin to practice and better master this simple golf swing as well.

This is golf as it is meant to be played. A simple set-up, a couple simple swing thoughts and “poof” a simple but VERY productive golf swing yielding terrific results.

Best regards,

Alan Doll
Gering, Nebraska

“My first hole in one in 36 years”


Date: 7-9-2006
Name: Neville Sampson
Location: Melbourne, Australia

1: How did the simple golf swing help you?

A: My irons in particular have been straightened, and concentrating on rotating around the spine without lateral sway has delivered much more consistent contact.

2: What happened that you didn’t expect?

A: I had my first hole in one in 35 years of playing golf. A 7 iron at the 141 metre 12th hole at Long Island Country Club flew straight at the flag without any deviation whatsoever.

3: Why should others try this?

A: The Simple Golf Swing principles make sense, and are easy to follow. They promote consistent contact and straight hitting.

“Immediatly Cut 7-10 Strokes”

Name: Carlos Carvalho
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil1: How did the simple golf swing help you?

A: I used to be a bogey golfer, shooting in the high 80’s and sometimes struggling to break the 100’s when things went wrong. I bought the 1st book and implemented the compact swing and to my surprise, I did not loose distance and in fact I added some yards on my iron play. The big surprise is that I cured the tops, skulls, chunks, shanks… and developed a repeatable and reliable golf swing. Of course I bought the short game DVD and easily implement the lessons on the range. The results: I stopped blading and chunking around the greens and have more birdie chances and par save opportunities. The Long Game DVD really helped me stay on the short grass more often.

2: How many strokes did you drop?

A: Immediately, I cut 7 to 10 strokes off my scorecard. My lowest score ever is a 75 when all aspects of the game came together on a Saturday morning. But I’m shooting in the low 80’s more consistently.

3: What happened that you didn’t expect?

A: At first, I expected to loose some distance with a compact swing, but it didn’t happen. Actually, I’m hitting an 8 iron where I used to hit an 7, mostly because I’m making solid contact on every shot.

4: Why should others try this?

A: I don’t have a PGA pro coaching me all the time, so I try some tips and drills from many sources. None of them made me cut serious strokes. Your method really works and everyone could benefit from having a reliable golf swing. Why not give it a try?

“My Average was 86, and Now It’s 80”

Gary O.
Date: 8-1-2006
Name: Gary M. O’Neill
Location: Moraga, California, United States1: How did the simple golf swing help you?

A: I am much more consistent and accurate with my iron play. It has been particularly effective with my long irons which I had trouble hitting before using “The Simple (and effective) Swing.”

2: How many strokes did you drop?

A: This is a work in progress. Before the simple golf swing, my average score was 86. In a month, I have played 8 rounds and my scores range from 78 to 83 and the average is 80.

3: What happened that you didn’t expect?

A: I have problems with lower back pain and pain in my right hip. The simple swing eliminates the weight shift to the right leg and thereby reduces the wear and tear on my back and right hip.

4: Why should others try this?

A: Others should try this swing because it is not a huge departure from the traditional swing that they have been taught. If you use a traditional swing, you will pick up the simple swing very fast. If you are worried that you might not like the simple swing, you will have no trouble going back to the traditional swing. Furthermore, the book gives a great overview on the grip, posture and set up.

“The Driver was Solid and Penentrating”

Name: Cutler Whitman
Location: Bedford, New York, United States


So I took your system to the range and spent an hour on it. I started hitting the driver and it was solid and penetrating. I translated that to a 7-iron and it still was thin and not solid. So I regrouped and once again hit excellent drivers and then felt the concept of the chest puffing out. I grabbed the 7-iron and viola I was firing them solid and straight. So I grabbed the 3-iron and once again was making great contact with excellent trajectory. Even my misses were straight. So I grabbed the gap wedge and looked to the 100 yard flag and was keeping my shots within the makeable birdie/guaranteed par range.

What I am saying is that as of right now I am a believer. I am hoping to take the swing to the actual course this week and will let you know. Just so you know I was a 3 handicap at my best and now I am a struggling 15.

Thanks for the help, and I will report back soon.

C Whitman

“Its the Clearest Explanation of the Swing I’ve ever Heard”

Date: 7-18-2006
Name: George Kagawa
Location: Honolulu, HI, United States

1: How did the simple golf swing help you?

A: It’s the clearest, most concise explanation of the swing I’ve ever heard. It gave me a simple key that applies to me: the “x” hands, 3rd base finish. Whenever I slice or fade, I check my hands and the club, and it’s pointing to 1st base and I haven’t made the “x.”

2: How many strokes did you drop?

A: Too early to say; work in progress.

3: What happened that you didn’t expect?

A: I’ve never been able to make rapid on-course corrections before, because I was never sure what specific correction I should make. Now, once I slice or fade, I know how to correct it so I won’t do it again.

4: Why should others try this?

A: It is described clearly and simply without extraneous, tangential information. It cuts to the chase and you can get the point and apply it immediately. Do yourself a favor and get it!

But enough about other golfers. Let’s talk about

What the Simple Golf Swing System will do for you.

# 1. It will save you money.
The average pro charges around $100 an hour for lessons. And don’t think you’re going to get by with just one.

So pretty soon, you’re talking serious money. A painful subject in times like these. But…

The entire Simple Golf Swing System can be yours
for less than half of what one lesson costs.

That’s right. For about half of what a single lesson costs, you can own the complete System. I’ll have more on that in a moment.

# 2. It will save you time.
If you’re working with a pro, plan on devoting a big chunk of time to trying to master what he’s telling you. (And remember what I said about the way most pros teach.)

And if you’re going to try to figure it all out by yourself, you’re going to be spending a lot of time wondering if what you’re doing is right and what you should be focusing on.

Listen, if you’re like most of us, you don’t have an unlimited amount of leisure time. Why spend any of it fretting and worrying instead of playing golf? With the System you can…

Learn the perfect swing in just three hours.

Then you can go out and do what you’re supposed to be doing… enjoying yourself.

# 3. It will save your sanity.
You figure you’ve finally got your swing worked out and you’re hitting pretty well. Then on your next drive, the ball heads straight for the trees like a wood-seeking missile.

That’s when the frustration kicks in. And before long, you’re cursing yourself for ever taking up this #!!!!&##!!! game.

Who needs this aggravation? Golf is supposed to be fun.

And it will be… Once you’re playing the kind of golf you know you’re capable of.

That won’t be long because…

You’ll be playing the best golf of your life in just two weeks.


Ready to get started? Then get the Simple Golf Swing System today. To do that, just…

Click here to Order

If that isn’t news enough to make your day, hold on. Because as they say on TV…Wait! There’s more.

I want to get the Simple Golf Swing System into your hands right away. So I’m going to give you a little incentive to order now.

What kind of incentive? Well, how about…

“Over $247 worth of Bonuses. Yours absolutely FREE just for ordering the Simple Golf Swing System.”


Great golf is simple. Once you know the System.

You’ll see. I guarantee it.

Yours Sincerely,

David Nevogt

P.S. Remember, you get everything described in this letter…the System…all the FREE bonuses for just $47. And if for any reason you’re dissatisfied, return the System within 60 days for a full refund. Keep the bonus items with my compliments.

P.P.S. Think the System isn’t for you because you’re left-handed? Think again, Pal. I’ve developed a version just for lefties like you. To get it just…

P.P.P.S. I’m counting on you to report on your success with the System. So please let me know how you’re doing. Your cooperation is the only way I’ll be able to continue offering the System at this low price. I’m looking forward to seeing your email right here…just like these from real golfers like you.

“I Hit Much Straighter”

Listen to Paul!

Hi Dave,

I bought your course about a month ago. I am a new golfer (started playing in April of this year) and not a kid (64). I had taken a couple of lessons, but still was slicing up a storm. I followed your directions and while I hardly have a perfect swing, it has improved dramatically. I don’t hit the ball a whole lot further, but do hit it straighter, but as it is not slicing a lot, I get more effective distance.

I also benefited even more from your course on chipping. As a guy who doesn’t hit long or very straight, I often end up chipping. Like many guys who are starting out, sometimes my chips would be line drives, well past the green and others would go only a few yards and have been pulling what is left of my hair. I am not a great chipper yet, but I seldom do the shots mentioned above and that cuts strokes off the game and more importantly make the game more fun. I must admit, I wasn’t sure your course would be worth the money, but it was cheap enough that I didn’t really care. IT IS WORTH THE MONEY and the nice thing about it, is it is like having a coach here on my computer. I now come back and review after a round of golf. Then I go out the next day to the driving range and practice correcting what I was doing wrong. I may never go out on the senior tour, but I have gone from a double bogie golfer to about a bogie golfer since I got the course. I expect to be shooting better than that as time progresses and I get more consistent at doing what you teach.

Best regards,


Your Technique was a Revolution”

From: Ted/Angie Ewing
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2006 5:33 PM
Subject: Scores

Dear David:

I have recently taken up golf again.

I am 76 and in very good shape. In my 20s I played the game seriously, had a low handicap of 6 and eventually got very frustrated that I couldn’t play scratch golf — so I gave it up, cold turkey. in the intervening 45 years, I probably played three rounds and never missed it.

Now I have a little time and opportunity, so I started up casually last year. It was frustrating once again, mainly because I wasn’t getting good, consistent ball strikes… and I certainly wasn’t scoring well, bogey golf or worse.

Then I saw your ad and bit, buying the package. Your technique was a revelation! I started to hit the ball like I knew I could (although I don’t have the distance I had as a 25-year playing with wooden clubs). The chipping lesson was a miracle. I love to practice and boy, did this improve my consistency around the green.

So I had a 78 the other day with a couple of missed short puts… but the best part was that I was swinging with practically no effort, getting good contact and consistent length (which was completely absent before — I never knew whether my 6-iron was going to go 120 yards or 160).

Many, many thanks for the inspiration, Ted Ewing

“I Dropped 6 Strokes”

Listen to Michael!

Dear David,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I downloaded the Simple Golf Swing July 23rd and I feel like I now have the tools to continuously improve my game. I was ready to put my clubs away I was so embarrassed by my play, which was getting worse as the season progressed, not better. Once I started applying your instructions, my game improved immediately, and this only in the last three weeks!

I have dropped an average of 6 strokes in this time and am shooting rounds under 100 routinely for the first time in my life. I also feel that with continued practice of your principles I can reach 90 or less. I am more consistent and my shots are going straight more of the time. I am excited about playing again for the first time in three years.


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